The Tree of Life: Review

By David Ramos
I saw the Tree of Life recently, while it was difficult to follow, Director Terrence Malick tackles some rather profound themes–creation, the fallen nature of humanity, God, the after life, the unversality of suffering, the power and impact of human relationships, etc,  while providing us some redemptive hope. Some recommendations: 1) If you are an action film junkie stay clear from this film; 2) don't catch the last show. If you are a film genre buff, this film is a visual symphony!  This is unlike anything I've seen–2001 Space Oddessy on an environmental kick. I'm a fan of Thin Red Line so I had to see it. Malick once again employs a multiplicity of voices as stream of consciousness to pose the philosophical and theological questions while positing the universal struggle of humanity. Definitely not for most, yet a cinematic paradigm buster as Malick refuses to be fetterred by the categories and/or expectations of the market, as such, it is a courageous film.

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