The following is a non-exhaustive group of resources that we have found useful “en la jornada” (in the journey).

Please note: Although we feel that the below authors and presenters align well with many of our social and theological perspectives, all views expressed in their works and in their social media are not necessarily those of the Latino Leadership Circle.

Latinx: From Looking Black to Being Black

By Jose Humphreys

This article explores Jose’s personal as well as the shared experiences of Latinx individuals who also identify as Black. It discusses how the history of colonialism and slavery in Latin America has resulted in a complex racial identity landscape where individuals with African ancestry have been erased or marginalized. Rev. Humphreys argues for recognition and celebration of the diverse experiences and identities within the Latinx community, including those of Black Latinx individuals.

Check out the article at Afro-Latin@ Forum website

Lessons from the Latinx Church is a webinar series offered by that is an insightful and refreshing perspective of Latin@ and Christian identity. We highly recommend this series for personal edification as well as small group discussion.

In a browning society and decolonizing world, what can we learn from brown leaders and brown churches in this new epoch of being the church in liminal spaces of tension? How does ministry shift during times of racial divisions, trauma, and the unknown? And how can the intersection of brown identity and ecclesiology inform the larger church entering this new season of ministry and formation?

The Brown Church by Robert Cho Romero is the latest treatment of Latin@ Christian identity in the Americas and its roots in social justice.

Revolution of Values: Reclaiming Public Faith for the Common Good by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Through historic touch points, compelling stories and biblical fidelity, Hartgrove makes a compelling case for reclaiming the Christian faith in the public sphere by championing the cause of the marginalized.

Seeing Jesus in East Harlem: What Happens When Churches Show Up and Stay Put

Jose Humphreys weaves personal narrative, cultural exegesis and practical theology to bring us a valuable glimpse of God’s contextual calling to the church. He does this with an almost a poetic literary flare from the locus of East Harlem and greater NYC.

Don’t Buy the Lie: Eradicating False Belief Systems that Keep You From Your Destiny by Elizabeth Rios

Elizabeth’s work is exceptionally down to earth and practical, sharing valuable personal anecdotes and valuable life learnings. It is a must for understanding ones spiritual identity in the light of biblical truth

Being Latino in Christ: Finding Wholeness in Your Ethnic Identity by Orlando Crespo

Being Latino in Christ has been used by countless Latin@ Christians and groups to understand the nexus of Hispanic identity, Christian faith, and its richness in our lives.

The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right by Lisa Sharon Harper

Lisa’s work is soul-nurturing using the vital ingredients of historical truth and biblical exposition interspersed with personal narrative. Its goal is a necessary growth and awareness of the fullness of Jesus’ Gospel and its implications for us and our society.

Faithful Leadership: Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero, an author, pastor, and co-founder of Jesus For Revolutionaries, speaks on faith & race as part of our two-day virtual conference “Faithful Leadership: Race, Politics & Evangelicalism in America” in February 2021. He addresses Critical Race Theory in relation to Christian faith and justice in a wonderfully straightforward way.

What is Integral Mission?

C. René Padilla is considered by many the father of the missional church. Padilla influenced the Evangelical church by rightly highlighting that the body of Christ could not simply be concerned with the salvation of souls and not the needs of the world it was in and preach the Gospel. “What is Integral Mission?” wonderfully elaborates on this truth.