Soul Siphoning

By David Ramos

          Often when we speak about leadership we do so from varying paradigms, we may think of authority, influence, power, getting things done, etc.  There are some that may focus on the “privileges” of leadership and its organizational “perks.”  However, some do not readily share about the price of leadership.  There are some obvious costs: stress, responsibility, loneliness, criticism, etc.  There are still others that are particular to some leaders: Loss of health, mixed priorities, unbalanced lives, broken marriages, unattended children.  While much is been written about these costs and we are inundated with a host of workshops that range from stress reduction, office exercise, and life management there are some that are not as easily measured as much as intangibly felt—such as the incremental siphoning of soul one may experience as the Self is ensconced to a myriad of tasks, duties, meetings and deadlines.  While some personalities may thrive and even get addicted to “the rush” the adrenaline produced to rise to the occasion, isn’t there a fundamental impact upon our bodies, our spirits, our relationships, and hence our very souls?  I have witnessed the blood trails of many, and have also been part of the walking wounded.  Give three cheers for the rest stops we find in people, places, recreation and prayer, nevertheless, if we do not address the fundamental nature of the management/leadership crucible we can just continue to live with the time bomb of emotional cholesterol that siphons the soul and clogs up our very lives.  Let us center upon the important, deliberately crafting the moments we need for self-care, for love, for life.   


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