Ruben Blades: Todos Vuelven World Tour

Ruben Blades is on his Todos Vuelven world tour and will be performing with his band (Oscar Hernandez, Arturo Ortiz, Ralph Irizarry, Eddie Montalvo, Robby Ameen, Ricardo Marrero and Mike Vinas).

The best part is that while you sing along to his classic salsa songs, he is still officially the Minister of Tourism in his native Panama, so consider this a government visit. According to Ruben himself, his new album, titled Cantares, is dedicated “spiritually” to Puerto Rico, and “musically” to Cuba.

“Rubén Blades is one of the most successful vocalists in the history of Panamanian music. A former member of bands led by Ray Barretto and Willie Colón, Blades has continued to influence salsa music with his highly literate, politically tinged lyrics and his modern-minded arrangements, which substitute the usual horn and Latin percussion sections with synthesizers and drum sets. Often referred to as “the Latin Bruce Springsteen,” Blades provided a musical voice for the middle class of Central America. Raised in a middle-class neighborhood in Panama City, Blades inherited his musical talents from his parents. His mother, Anoland, who emigrated from Cuba, played piano and sang in Spanish. His father, Ruben Sr., a police detective, played bongos.” – All Music Guide

Saturday, November 28th at 8:00pm

United Palace Theatre
4140 Broadway, at 175th Street


Ruben Blades's Official Website

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  1. “Estoy Buscando América,” “Siembre,” and ” Escenas” are my favorite Ruben Blades albums. He is worth going to see. A definite class act.

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