Rescue Operation

By David Ramos

“Giving thanks to the Father, Who has qualified and made us fit to share the portion which is the inheritance of the saints in light.  Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son.”  Colossians 1:12—13

            Recently my assistant asked me about my “testimony”—how I became a born again Christian.  As I was sharing my story I suddenly got choked up, I composed myself and kept sharing my narrative; later on in our chapel service I found tears streaming down my face as I kept getting this image in my mind.  You see the other day I was watching one of those storm stories on some kind of weather channel and they had some dramatic footage of two men who were trapped on top of a vehicle in a flash flood.  They were both holding on to the roll bar of their pick-up truck as the waters brutally pounded upon them.  It was impossible to reach them without risking the lives of the rescuers, so they had to throw a rope to them.  The first man jumped too early and was dragged down the river but because of the rope they were able to save him.  By now the waters had rose even higher and the current was even stronger and one could barely see the second man hanging on for dear life.  When they threw the rope to him he made a fatal error—he accidentally tied himself to the vehicle and was now trapped!  He fell into the water and one could barely see his head occasionally rise above the raging waters.  Then in a heroic feat, a rescue worker, at great risk to his own safety, braved the raging waters, reached the doomed man, cut the ropes that bound him and miraculously was able to bring him to safety! 

            As I shared my testimony I realized that that man was me!  You see I was drowning in my sin and I had no way out, and my own efforts only bound me to the very thing I attempted to escape from and I was doomed to die.  All hope was gone and I had gone under, but God stooped down to save me.  He released me from the chains that bound and doomed me to certain death, only in my case, my rescuer died so that I can live.  He delivered my life and brought me safely to shore.  I know, this may sound like a hokey story to you, but when I think about what Christ did for me, it still makes me cry.  We must be thankful for a God who laid it all down so that we may live.   

“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”  Isaiah 43:2


  1. Arnaldo Mejias

    I share your sentiments… we need constant reminders of what Jesus did for us on that cross. Beautiful…

  2. Gracias Arnaldo.

  3. David:
    We all require the breath of the Almighty to sustain us in our Porpoise Diving Lives.
    Bless you for sharing this man.

  4. Thanks Bill, you’re right, I’ve taken many a dive. :o)

  5. Muhamamd Naeem Yousuf, City Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Fire & Rescue Service, City District Governme

    fire fighters and rescuers are the real heroes who save others life at the stake of thier own lives. I am proud to be a fire figher/rescuer.

  6. Dear Muhamamd,
    You are absolutely right. As I watch and hear of the great courage and sacrifices of firefighters and rescuers I am awestruck and humbled at their selflessness. Thank you for all that you and your collegues do everyday to keep us safe!

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