On Tolerating Uncertainty and Ambiguity

"Most creative endeavors are somewhat unpredictable.  They often seem ambiguous, hit or miss, trial and error.  Unless people have a high tolerance for ambiguity and get their security from integrity to principles and inner values, they find it unnerving and unpleasant to be involved in highly creative enterprises.  Their need for structure, certainty, and predictability is too high." 

"Some people are still unaware that reality contains unparalled beauties.  The fantastic and unexpected as in real life itself."

Berenice Abbot


  1. Dave,
    I’m realizing that I’ve been wired to be pretty organic and entrepeneurial. this is at times unsettling-a back and forth between panic and surrender. At the same time there’s a feeling euphoria with seeing certain things materialize. Things that were perhaps either a concept, vision or a strategic plan on a napkin.
    Thanks for this quote man.

  2. Jose,
    You have a gift, you are excited about the new, the creative and all that is possible. You are not satisfied with merely “theologizing” about things but want to actualize prophetic imagination. This is great to be aware of this as you make choices in your life. More than likely you can be misunderstood, particularly by those who favor the status quo or are threatened by your posture and can miscontrue your voice as a challenge to their authority or a threat to the operational organizational order. It is best to work with those who grant you freedom, space and support, as well as celebrate your gift. Adelante mi hermano! We need you and your gifts to help us reach our sisters and brothers in tangible ways.

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