LLC Fall Meeting

American Bible Society was the site of the LLC’s first fall meeting for 2005. Core members(missed you Jose & Belinda) of the circle  checked in and discussed the future of Latino Leadership Circle. The group felt it was undergoing change and that it was at the threshold of a decisive transition.  Plans for a winter retreat and events for next year were discussed.




"Confidently looking forward to where God is leading us…"



  1. Hey Luis,
    thanks for the shout-out. also, thanks for helping out with the template. there was some stuff i couldn’t figure out. It’s looking good…

  2. Jose,
    Yeah, I took out the recent Photos. It was duplicating photos based on how many times it was uploaded. That last post doubled almost all the pics because of a few revisions I did. Bro, check out the last book I posted. Although it looks “poppy” it has some solid suggestions for thinking out of the box when it comes to emerging churches.

  3. i should have been there

  4. Rudy,
    You are always welcome. Just give me the head’s up when you will be in town.

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