NYC Emergent Cohort

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with the NYC Emergent cohort led by Jeff Kursonis.  About ten of us gathered at Origins where we discussed the lost art of listening as well as how the Emergent dialogue has created spaces of discussion that transcend denomination, ethnicity, and other categories.  Over crackers and cheese we talked about the uniqueness and fecundity of having mainline, Catholic, and evangelical traditions all in one room.  We weaved in and out of varying personal and ecclesial observations.  This is the group’s second meeting and they are off to a great start.  Hats off to Jeff who put this all together. 

The NYC Emergent Cohort will not meet in the month of August but will reconvene on September 12th at Origins located at 581 9th Avenue (Corner of 42nd Street).  The group will be meeting at 6:30pm.  Those interested in attending should contact Jeff Kursonis at  For more information regarding the NYC Emergent Cohort visit 

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