Next Gen Leadership: Latino Leadership Circle Begins Discussion on Launching a New Leadership Cohort

Yesterday the Latino Leadership Circle (LLC) met with some graduates of the ACTS Leadership Program to discuss the development of a new LLC cohort targeting younger leaders. Rev. Orlando Crespo and Rev. David Ramos were present facilitating the meeting. While yet in its nascent stage those who attended gave a solid nod to the creation of a new support group. Graduates from former ACTS Leadership Programs from either New York or New Jersey have an open invitation to attend. For others who are interested please contact us at

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  1. Pastor Alexander Pagani

    can you give more info on this new support group!
    is this effort targeting young hispanic senior pastors as myself….im currently 32 years old and am pastoring a congregation of 56 members in the heart of the south bronx, in a well respected denomiantion (Church of God, mission board)
    im interested in attending?
    Pastor Alex Pagani
    Iglesia De Dios Puerta De Refugio

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