Miami Groove

           I just got back from Miami, I gave a presentation at the Expolit conference.  While there I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with good friends.  Hanging out poolside in my friends condo, we enjoyed the sun, great conversation and the beach.  At one memorable moment we were groovin’ on a live entertainer who sang Bob Marley’s, "No Woman, No Cry."  Thanks Rich Rivera for singing the stanza that says, "everything is going to be alright!"  That really ministered to me–no explanation, no analysis, yet a sermon in its own right.  Thank you for your continued support and friendship throughout the years.  I want to thank you and Maria for a wonderful dinner and the koinonia that followed.  Myra, you keep being your bad prophetic self!  I always get convicted by your piercing social and scriptural conscienceness; it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by such gifted and talented sisters and brothers.  Jose, I’m sorry I missed you by only a few hours, however, we’ll get together on another time to do the Miami groove.


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  1. Sorry we couldn’t meet up but I see you were entertained. LOL. Next trip llame chico con tiempo for the zillioneth time!!!

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