Measurable Outcomes

Just got back from Philly on some three day training in “performance philanthropy.” For all my grassroots sistas and brothas, we have definitely got to wire ourselves if our organizations are going to to survive the ever increasing advent of outcome based management. I have witnessed way too many CBO’s close down for not being able to make the necessary critical shifts in organizational structure, management and accountability. As leaders organizational management is part of our stewardship responsibilities. Hey, we all have blindspots, its okay to ask for help or seek advise. If we are to qualify for the big bucks, we have to show in a clear manner, how we will use the resources of our donors who are investing in the kingdom and in our dreams. Together, let us encourage each other towards excellence.



  1. Wow nice site…:)

  2. This is sooo vital. Our local United Way is requiring it of every supported agency. If you can’t justify the dollars, don’t expect them to be there next year. There are too many other good causes where they can go.

  3. Thanks Edna, as a YPM’er please let me know if you want to post articles.

  4. Absolutely Bob, non-profits must adapt or they will soon find themselves extinct.

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