Maxed Out

Dear Latino Leadership Circle,

In light of Mayra’s wonderful class on Social Justice last week, I wanted to share about a very interesting documentary that has a limited run here in NYC called "Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders Facts". I have not watched the movie yet, but wanted to share the information with you. Synopsis: Profiling the modern-day credit industry, this documentary attempts to expose the predatory lending schemes that leave many Americans penniless. Featuring interviews with activists who are fighting the powers-that-be, so- called "debt pirates" who prey on the most financially vulnerable members of our society and experts who desperately want people to climb out of the debt trap.

Playing now at City Cinemas Village (12th Street & 5th Avenue).

Sincerely, Joseph "J.D." Martinez

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  1. Check out on YouTube this Nightline interview with the director of “Maxed Out”:

  2. Thanks Joseph for keeping us in the loop.

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