Lessons in Love

By David Ramos

Yesterday as I drove for a about an hour I wanted to wax nostalgic by listening to some 80’s music, so I turned to a song that often gets eclipsed by the more popular songs of that decade, Lessons in Love, by Level 42. It put a smile on my face—perfect driving music as I drove carefully in the snaking, dark, rain soaked asphalt of the Garden State Parkway.

The song narrates the story of a lamentable broken relationship and the painful lessons of love and its emotional aftermath. There is a lyric in the song that captured my attention it says, “If we lose the time before us, the future will ignore us.” This underscored for me the notion of “carpe diem” and how we need to “seize the day” lest life slip before us. It also made me ponder about our responsibilities to the generation behind us; many are filled with an air of self-importance and have confused apparent “success” with relevancy. Many will be shocked to witness the generation behind us reject the fine edifice’s we create, along with its respective culture, aspirations and modalities in favor for narratives that make more sense to them. If we are to learn the hard “lessons in love” (that is, if love is what truly motivates our ministerial and organizational efforts) we need to leverage the present in favor of those who come behind us lest the future ignore us.

Alas, ministries like many in love do not learn their lessons and sometimes lamentably only awaken after love is lost.

Click here to view Level 42’s Lessons in Love:


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