Latino Leadership Circle at Princeton

Several members of the Latino Leadership Circle (LLC) were at at Princeton Theological Seminary
(David’s old Alma Mater) this past weekend for a strategic retreat. During our breaks we’ve been had an opportunity to check in, walk around, go to Starbucks and wax philosophical :~

We’d like to thank Rev. Gabriel Salguero and The Hispanic Leadership Program at Princeton Theological Seminary for hosting us.

Here are some pics.


Princeton_3_008 Princeton_3_005



  1. Dave,
    Someone said that the mark you left on the wall was a failed attempt to “tag” devo on Princeton walls.

  2. Whoever that someone was (Danny), knows me all too well. What can I say? If you don’t have an outlet, graffiti just comes out accidently and unconsciously. Tell him we left our mark in other ways as well–a kind of graffiti of the soul.

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