Latino Leadership Circle First Fall Meeting

Oye mi gente, Dave wanted to let you all know, this Thursday 6:30pm LLC will be having their first fall meeting. Same Bat time, same Bat station (American Bible Society). I’m looking forward to checking in with you all and hearing what’s up. Dave is incommunicado right now as he transitions into his new role at Faith Fellowship, so you can’t reach him through email and soon you won’t be able to get him on his cell. Give him a call at home.

We wish him and Gigi many blessings in their new roles of work and ministry.

Luis =-=


  1. congrats once again to “Devo”! i’ll be in school this thursday…

  2. Dennis & Idalia

    Looks like we missed yesterday’s mtg. 1) Please keep us posted as to new items for discussion. 2) Dave forward us your new contact details, dude! 3) Keep us in prayer, we are approaching a ministerial oppty on Sunday. We pray that if His will, it be done!!

  3. Dennis,
    This was last month’s meeting :o)
    Please resend your contact information, I’m transferring my database from Treo to a Blackberry and lost some data. Please let me know how have you and Idalia been I can be reached at:
    Peace and Blessings!

  4. What is the criteria to be a part of your organization?

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