Las Playas del Borinquen

by Luis Alvarez

David and Gigi Img_0075_3
let me tag along with them. We’re out here in beautiful Moca, Puerto Rico taking a few days of r & r. We’ve been hitting the near by beaches of Moca, Aguadilla and Cabo Rojo and grooving to "Rythms del Mundo" by the Buena Vista Social Club. Img_0092_2
While feasting on plates of monfongo and bistec encebollado, we heard the “clocks” track from this album and we’ve been hooked on it ever since. What can I say, "La Isla del Encanto" is a beautiful place with beautiful people. It feels good to get away. We’ll be posting some more photos and perhaps some reflections…


  1. Maritza Ortiz

    Ahhh…marinate, laugh, celebrate, dance, maximize, rest, take in all the beauty of our people and culture. What better place to enjoy Sabath than “La Isla Del Encanto”.
    Happy for you guys,

  2. Thanks for the sentiment Maritza. We’re really enjoying our trip.

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