Into the Drop Zone

By David Ramos

In life there are times when we must take a leap of faith, a step into the unknown. The unknown can be scary, it can be full of both pleasant and not so pleasant surprises, but if we are to engage the adventure of life, we must be willing to take these leaps. I am undergoing one such leap right now. I just recently resigned from being the Director of Church Relations for the American Bible Society. I leave behind me some wonderful colleagues who I have grown to respect and cherish throughout the years. I left to fulfill a life calling to be a staff minister. Time goes by faster than I feel comfortable with and I just don’t want to look back and regret passing up an opportunity to don a role that I feel I have been preparing for all my life. Like a paratrooper who having once been in the battle zone but now trains and helps others to prepare for battle, there seems to be a longing for the frontline, to be with the troops and the action.
Like a paratrooper, just prior to this jump I had been checking and rechecking my equipment, making sure I was ready for this plunge. I was asked by colleagues that there was time to pull out, but I knew that once that plane took off there was no turning back. The roar of the engines filled the air as fear and excitement mixed with anticipation. H.A.L.O. jumping (High Altitude Low Opening) requires skill, it is particularly dangerous at night when you cannot not see the terrain below. This is how it feels; there are so many unknowns. The roar seems to get louder my heart is thumping and andrenalin pumps through my veins as we near the drop zone. I feel great sadness as I think of those I leave behind, but we are one great army fighting for the same cause, my faith is that we will somehow work together. I must focus on the mission set before me. The light goes on, at the doorway my friend flashes a grin and gives me a “thumbs up,” I respond in kind. I have taken the jump! I am now freefalling into the grace and will of God.


  1. My brotha..although we have a different journey I too know what that feels like, the hardest part is letting go of what you “know” and freefalling…I can’t wait to see what God will do with you. But I know the best is yet to come. Love you bro…Liz

  2. Thank you Liz, this is truly a faith journey. I feel as if I am experiencing a whole new “cognitive/spiritual software upgrade.” There is much to learn but I must be willing to go through this process, no matter how painful, in order to walk in what appears to be foreordained impact. Please continue to pray for me as I go through my transition.

  3. just hear from Liz and Jeremy you’d left.. sounds like a great move, and the Spirit is leading! hope to still get to catch lunch with you some time..

  4. Absolutely DJ. I will send out all my contact info. Let’s stay in touch.

  5. “O Captain! My Captain!
    our fearful trip is done;
    The ship has weather’d every rack,
    the prize we sought is won;”
    [I stand firm -atop my desk
    …and salute you.]

  6. LOU!!! WHATZ UP MY BROTHER!!!!! What a pleasant surprize to see you grace these cyber walls. How have you been man? Lou, what a journey it has been! From listening to “Crazy” and “Killer” to this. Dude, hit me up at and I’ll give you my new contact info. Gigi is doing fine, she took the jump as well. Got a lot to share with you.

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