Gabriel Salguero’s Installation Service

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Gabriel Salguero was installed today as Senior Pastor of the Lamb’s Church in Time Square. What an awesome undertaking.  Dave (Devo) Ramos will post later on some of the details of this most inspirational event.

Jose H.


  1. Congrats, Gabriel! Great news, and strategic appointment. God be with you.

  2. Pastor Gabby Mejia

    Congrats Pr. Salguero. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

  3. Daniel Martinez

    Rev. Gabriel A. Salguero, Congratulations on your appointment as Pastor of the Lambs Church in Time Square! As Latinos, it is crucial that we begin to acknowledge who we are and the what we carry in us! You are an inspiration to all!!! Move forward in the Lord!

  4. A Honest Opinion

    Congrats Brother Gabriel!!
    you are a inspiration to all of us young hispanic pastors!
    but…..i remember when you used to preach fuego with enthusiasism and passion…..but now, them books got to your head and calmed you down, …..the book of ecclesiastes says “much studying bring much grief”
    we miss the old gabriel salguero!! dont calm down so much that you dont still feel the passion of hispanic pentecost……a few bad apples and views in the hispanic movement dont mean all of us are like that or the whole movement is off.
    i havent seen that old gabriel salguero in a long time, we miss you bro……SORRY BRO, IM JUST BIENG REAL!!
    YOUR TOO CALM…..dont forget about us little people…i mean we would like to invite you to speak in our chruch but we know you gonna say NO….you dont visit us small storefront churches no more

  5. Gabriel Salguero

    Esteemed Brother/Sister:
    I thank you for your honest comments and I am honored to know that I am missed. I understand this to mean that my family and I are also loved and value. Moreover, thank you for your words of affirmation.
    First, let me say I value my Pentecostal heritage. As you may know my father and mother are Pentecostal pastors and I still consider myself Pentecostal experientially and liturgically. My brother/sister there is no such thing as little people we are all the same in Christ.
    Second, it is true that I am taking less speaking commitments. I appreciate that you have noticed this. My transition is for several reasons;
    1)I am married and have a small son (I preached more when I was single without this primary family commitment).
    2)I am pastoring a small (storefront) church that needs constant attention. My commitment as a pastor is very time consuming.
    3)I am no longer a full-time evangelist as I pastor and work at Princeton Theological Seminary.
    Just as an aside: I think that while many things in my life are the same others have changed. I believe that the Spirit works as the Spirit wants and we must allow that process to be different for everyone. What I mean is that while I still value “fuego” I also think that I try to balance this with understanding and teaching. I think both are important as you correctly point out and not necessarily antithetical.
    Finally, Pentecostalism is a valued tradition that is more than just “fuego.” I think that to reduce such a great heritage to one word is a disservice to Latino/a Pentecostals like Jose L. Lugo, Eldin Villafañe, Mama Leo Rosado, Francisco Olazabal and other pioneers in this context. Latino/a Pentecostals have always been a hybrid of passion, enthusiasm, teaching, and community development,etc.,
    What I wish to tell you is that I am very much the still the same and very much different. This is the paradox of my life, holding-on to the things I feel non-negotiable while adding things that I may have missed as a faithful follower of Jesus. At this stage of my ministerial and personal life I am working out my Christian journey as faithfully as I can with God’s help. I covet your prayers and encouragement.
    Thank you for your words and opinion and the humble spirit in which it was offered.
    Gabriel Salguero

  6. Reynaldo Bazan

    Blessings A Honest Opinion,
    It is refreshing to hear someone speak with such honesty and clarity. You are correct in your assertion that Rev. Gabriel Salguero is an inspiration to all young Hispanic/Latino(a) ministers who seek to expand the Kingdom of God through the power of the gospel.
    I would like to respond to your comment regarding Rev. Gabriel Salguero in the same humble spirit in which you offered your comment.
    How does one define fuego? Fuego defined by most Hispanic/Latino(a) Christians refers to a manifestation of the Holy Spirit evidenced in the speaking of tongues and other wondrous works. However, fuego is much more than a state of spiritual ecstasy. It is the power of the gospel that transforms the lives of the individual and the community they are a part of. The purpose of fuego/anointing is as Jesus states in Luke 18-19 (quoting from the Old Testament):
    18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
    to release the oppressed,
    19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”
    In short, fuego is for the benefit of the community not the individual. I have visited the small storefront church of Rev. Gabriel Salguero many times and have seen this “fuego” we both speak of manifested in works for the betterment of the community. I can testify that this “new” Rev. Gabriel Salguero still has the fuego of the “old” Rev. Gabriel Salguero. Because one has matured in the faith does not mean that one gives up the old for the new. Maturity embraces that which was and that which is simultaneously. I believe that Rev. Gabriel Salguero embodies this statement.
    Secondly, it is fascinating that emotionalism is regarded as being anointed whereas intellectualism is interpreted as a lack of anointing. We must be careful not to assume that because one has prepared himself for ministry that they have lost their anointing. Christians must seek to live a balanced life as Ecclesiastes 7:18b states: “The man/woman who fears God will avoid all extremes.” At times, I have been guilty of accenting one over the other. What I see in Rev. Gabriel Salguero is a man who balances both emotionalism and intellectualism because he has matured in the Lord. Emotions and intellect are two components of the imago dei (image of God). Let us embrace them both equally.
    Moreover, I applaud Rev. Gabriel Salguero’s commitment to all that God has entrusted him with. He has taken less speaking commitments (something which I am sure he loves) in order to be a good steward of what God has blessed him with. It seems that he truly understands Ecclesiastes 3:1: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” I pray that God will give us both the committed heart that Rev. Gabriel Salguero has for God, family and church.
    I hope we can continue this dialogue and help each other grow in Christ.
    Reynaldo Bazan

  7. Eddie Miranda

    Well said Pastor, well said. I would also like to congratulate you, not only on your installation, but as your forward progress as a Pastor, Latino leader and Mentor too many of us. Many of us who see the denouement of hard work and humble beginnings. You have truly been an inspiration to a generation, a generation of upcoming leaders who have learned from the hands of men and women, like yourself, who have learned to give back. I know that your decision to leave the spotlight and empower others by “Passing th Baton” was not an easy one, but I for one Brother, Thank You.

  8. A Honest Opinion

    this conversation can go in many different directions from the responces written here in the blog…which was not my intent.
    we all know Rev. Salguero has been given a enourmous responsibility, which requires both his time and wisdom so he can be a effective steward of what God has given him!
    i was just stating that we miss the “OLD” salguero….no one is here minimizing his maturity and growth….just dont forget about the little people in the process… more accessible to those of us who are trying to achieve and reach where he is at.
    there is ia desperate cry from us young hispaniuc pastors who need real mentoring but dont have the time to attend princeton….
    we need to see salguero around… to motivate us.
    my qestion is why is it that when the men?woman of God we look up to when they reach the next level…the dissapear into the sunset…never to hear from them again….many of us need a push….Paul was so correct that said…we have MANY teacher but not many FATHERS!!!
    grwoing up in the hispanic churches can be rough as the focus on the EXTERNAL (woman in pants, etc…) can be stifling…some times entrapping us upcoming ministers to a system that seems unbreakable and merciless in its approach.
    Pastor Salguero….we need you to show us how you overcame…all this hispanic pentecostal foolishness to get to the level of where you are….many of us dont know how!!
    we need pastor salguero to open up a young hispanic pastors mentoring program… currently 32 years old and im pastoring a chruch in the bronx, in the conclio (Iglesia De Dios, mission baord) God has given mefavor in my denomination as they came looking for me and ask me to take over this church….they dumped this church on me….then WALKED AWAY! LEAVING ME to feed off the sharks that come with bieng a real young urban pastor in a establish old school mentality spanish church….sometiems i feel “WILL SOMEONE SHOW ME THE DO’S & DONTS” AND HOW TO BREACK THIS VISIOUS CYCLE HISPANIC CHURCHES ARE ENSLAVED TO…
    no wonder Pastor Salguero left……and became a NAZARENE!!!!

  9. A Honest Opinion

    there is a generation of us growing up the hispanic pentecostal churches that totally dont agree with the the SENDA ANTIGUIA thing!
    there is going to be a major disspoinment and outcry real soon in the hispanic churches once those of our Pastor and concilio leader pass the baton to us..and they realized they just passed it to a generation that totally has abandoned the SENDA ANTGUIA(woman cant wear pants, etc.) to follow what teh bible really teaches…….and that our silence while we was growing up didnt mean we was in agreement with those views….we just submitted cause we had to and was silently waiting for our time. we are like viruses in a computer that slowly and silently grows until it chokes the very life out the pc……we are tired salguero…..we are tired of religion… us the way bro!!!! be our leader in this…mentor us!!!!

  10. Steven Lozada

    To “A Honest Opinion,”
    I understand your comment to be one of frustration possibly due to your estrangement of seeing and hearing Rev. Gabriel Salguero preach. I am in agreement with you that Pastor Gabriel is an inspiration to many young Latino(a) Pastors and ministers, but that is the extent of my accord with your opinion.
    First, you used the word honest to describe your opinion. The word honest implies truth and in as much as your opinion lacked the truth about Rev. Salguero it is not honest. I see that Rev. Salguero has responded kindly to your opinion of him by providing some personal data about himself that should help you form an honest opinion.
    Second, I am fairly certain that you have not HEARD him preach recently because he still preaches with fire in his belly and with a contagious excitement. Additionally, it would be of benefit to the body of Christ that any definition of “fuego” not be confined to Hispanics and/or Pentacostalism. I say this from the my place as a Hispanic Pentecostal Pastor. Being intellectual is never antithetical to being Pentecostal, or calm the opposite of being Spirit filled.
    Third, I have visited Rev. Salguero’s Church, which is composed of people from diverse races, ages and social, economic, educational and political backgrounds. In this Church there are no small people or big people, as some very judgmental people refer as to stratify society in hopes of polarizing it for the sake of division and competition. This “storefront” Church is home to the homeless, poor, rich, bathed, unbathed, educated and uneducated, and warmly accept each other as children of God. This community of believers that he pastor’s is a visible manifestation of the “fuego” that is upon and within Pastor Salguero.
    I salute Pastor Salguero for his interest in wanting to bring clarification in an amicable and Christ-like way to what appears to be an uninvited attack in a public forum. I will also submit that texts from the Holy Bible should never be used to voice an opinion to discredit a brother in
    I appreciate the value of dialogue especially when it is in the pursuit of reconciliation. I would hope that in the future opinions such as the one you voiced be addressed directly and privately to the person who is the focus of your concern. It is then that the opinion can be considered honest and will be of benefit for the soul.
    I pray that the Lord replace your frustration and pain with peace and understanding so that you can continue to encourage your fellow ministers who seek to faithfully serve in the calling that the Caller has made.
    Rest assured that Rev. Gabriel Salguero has not abandoned or betrayed his roots. The passion, intellect and effectiveness that characterized his ministry when he was an Evangelist is still fervently evident today as a Husband, Father, Pastor, Friend and Academic. This is the honest truth about Rev. Gabriel Salguero.
    May God bless us all as we mature in Christ.
    Steven Lozada

  11. A Honest Opinion

    i see that my comments are bieng misunderstood as to think im indirectly or openly attacking Pastor Salguero…….such is not the case! so to not fuel the flame of misunderstanding, this will be my last comment….i tried to reach out for help and honest clarification, ill go somewhere else! (i guess it wasnt what i said…it was the way im saying it)
    so in obedience to the bible and for the sake of fellowship, i ask for forgiveness to Pastor Salguero, if my comments seem to have given him the impression that im upset or im making a open attack on his character.
    and i definitely dont want my comments bieng misunderstood by some as “the enemy is using this brother on the blog to make a open attack against Pastor Salguero” (That would be soooo SENDA ANTIGUA)
    God bless and i see you guys around!
    from a frustrated young pastor:
    Rev. ——————

  12. Gabriel Salguero

    Esteemed Honest Opinion and friends:
    Once again thank you for your comments. Let me say that I hear your frustration. Moreover, I think what you have shared has opened up a healthy dialogue (perhaps God may use it for God’s glory).
    First, let me say that I think that your idea of a school for young Pastors is a great idea and I want you to call me at my office so perhaps together we can begin it. I have a few ministers that I mentor and that mentor me that might be willing to help. My office # is 212-575-0300 ext. 15. I would love to partner with you to do this. Let’s carpe diem “seize the day.”
    Second, Latino/a Pentecostalism has a lot of good in it that we should not ignore. I have not left the Pentecostals I am serving a Nazarene church because I was called there for this time. Still I from time to time still minister in the denomination that nurtured me and I call home. I think that there is a way to transition without maligning classical Pentecostalism. What I mean is if there are things we think need to be reformed or nuanced we can do it lovingly and with patience. I think you are correct, Rick Warren says, “The church is undergoing a second Reformation.” What this means to me is that we should not abandon our traditions just be in a constant dialogue allowing it to change us and be changed by it. Please brother/sister don’t go somewhere else we want to rally around you and talk. Groups like the Latino Leadership Circle, among many, are a group that loves their tradition while seeking fresh ways to be truth to their faith. There are many healthy practices in Latino Pentecostalism we should applaud and not abandon: personal piety (holiness) and transformation, grassroots involvement,urban ministry,church planting, great preaching, spiritual empowerment, missionary zeal, a history of love for the least of these (namely addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, ex-convicts), ordained women ministers, just to mention a few. Let’s build on this great legacy and add our little building blocks for the next generation.
    Finally, I don’t feel attacked, perhaps misunderstood, as we all do from time to time. But I relish this dialogue and I feel it could be a healthy one. I think maybe as an initial step LLC should hold a forum about new Latino/a Pentecostals and how they see the future of our traditions.
    Dear pastor friend, perhaps your frustration like Luther and Wesley in their times could be the beginning of a revival that restores and reconciles generations. Who knows if “your blog has come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” I, although very busy, will do my best to walk alongside with this group of men and women as best as I can. Moreover, I have no doubts that God has many people, not just me, that can help us in our journey. Let’s do it!!!!!
    Somos Familia,
    Pastors Gabriel y Jeanette Salguero

  13. A Honest Opinion

    like i said previously…..there are many….young hispanic pastors taking over or starting churches that have realized, the OLS SYSTEM we learned growing (senda antiguia) ……has no NO RELATION to todays issues and generation! we have been handed tools that DONT WORK! the system of thinking is SOOOOOOO primitive to todays COMPLEX societys….while todays issues are so advanced and detailed, the normal hispnic tradiotional church is stuck in the early 1900’s….that like trying to build a house with a hammer made from a stone and rope tied around it to hold with a stick….
    the only thing we can say that we learned that has real benift is a life of holiness and passion to pursue excellence. but the logistics…..they are way outdated……thats like trying to communicate to someone writing a letter when you have emails….or trying to call soemone by morse code when even a 12 years old have cell phones!!
    there is a generation of us that are like the tribe of issachar (understanding the times)….there is a generation of us still sitting in the sana doctrina churches….and everything they are teaching us (rules & regulations) its going in one ear and right out the other cause what they are saying…has no bearing in what we go thru!…..and while many of our hispanic pastors are screaming from teh pulpit “es tiempo a regresar a la senda antguia”…….little they realize such actions are causing a BUTTERFLY EFFECT on the next generation (so see the movie the butterfly effect)…….my conclio was shocked when they gave me the church i currently pastor and the first thing i did was remove the “woman cant wear pants rule”….and all rules associated with SANA DOCTRINA….and now its seems that the very conclio that praised me as bieng the youngest pastor for our concilio (mission board) which by the way, im still the youngest pastor in NYC for my conclio (im giving you clues as to find out who i am) now… seems that i think they realized i wasnt who i they thought i was….IM NOT A CLONE… NEO from the matirx (im speaking figuratively)…….i choose to take the RED PILL! and thats what i have been doing offering peopel the red pill (honest opionion and truthful analyzse) and im not the last….our sana doctrina chruches are filled with them….a silent revolution is taking place as many of us are silent until we get to position of authrity, and once we are there….its a whole other ball game cause now we are in charge!, and they will be nothing they can do about it cause our leader will have gone to be with the Lord!
    and we are realizing God called us to work smarter…not harder!

  14. A Honest Opinion

    opssss….i meant to say im Morpheus not Neo (Matrix)…morpheues was the one that offered the RED PILL to Neo (im speaking figuratively)

  15. My Dear Brother “Honest Opinion,”
    I’m sure by now you have heard through the tenor of the responses from Gabriel and others, the character of leaders that compose this next generation of Hispanic Pentecostal leaders. While your comments were inaccurate and misguided we hear the pain that you are experiencing and are concerned for you and a generation of many young Latino/as who must negotiate difficult realities that are sometimes mutually exclusive. I will encourage you to call Pastor Salguero and meet with him personally. I fully agree with Gabriel and the Latino Leadership Circle would be more than willing to host a forum to address these issues as well as to conduct in the future, when appropriate, a long needed and much talked about intergenerational dialogue among Hispanic Pentecostals.
    “Honest Opinion” Gabriel and many others are here to help you. We hear your post as a cry for help and want to help you.

  16. A Honest Opinion

    thats sounds like a great idea….seriously, it sounds like soemthing thats needed….but……it would only be as good as the older generation of pastors (sana doctrina) would attend as well….so they can hear how we young pastors really feel……this goes both ways, im not up for the idea that us younger generation are teh only ones that need to make a half way point of compromise…i think theyas well of the older genration make the compromise as well!
    i dont think its fair in that we young ministers are told “well…that the way the older generation of pastors are, just deal with it and over look it and keep going” or “lets try not to offend them”
    thats not fair, while we have been trying to meet them half way……the older generation doesnt even try.
    i fully understand that they paved the way for us to be where we are at! but thats no a excuse to NOT CHANGE or at least be open mind to new ideas…..seriously, the bible says submit yourselves to one another in the fear of God! this is a 2 way street….but its sems all we are hearing is “lets not offend them”…..have they considered that the younger generation might be offended as well! NOPE! we are completly overlooked…all in the name of “let respect those who paved the way!! i think there is a injustice bieng done here!
    i mean some of our older pastors are still putting women on discipline for cutting thier bangs….you mean to tell me…we are to sit silent and respect such a rule! (thought we respect them as men of God) i totally dont respect such a rule! im sorry i dont…such rules are not in the Holy Scriptures! and the thing about it…these pastors KNOW THAT! and yet they still keep promoting it!
    pls keep in mind we are talking about the new generation and the SENDA ANTUGIA (rajatabla churches…though i hate using that term, its so imature)
    there has to be a half way point for both generations…we are willing to meet them half way….but if they not willing to meet us there..then there nothing more we can do…no wonder almsot half of those pastors who preach such things..thier kids dont serve the Lord or are bitter agaisnt church! and many of those pastors antics go unchallenged, all in the name of “Just submit and overlook it”
    IM HAVING A GREAT TIME IN THIS BLOG………but if the conversation here is not he place for these type of conversations, then can another blog be created……if so, ill have the blog filled up with a dozen young pastors i know who are feeling the same thing! who are at teh point of leaving thier established denominations for thesame feeling of frustration and unwillingness of the odler generation to LIGHTEN UP! just cause we open minded that dont mean, we are allowing “EL MUNDO” to come in……we are just taking advantages of what already established. some times i want to tell my conclio superiors….CHILL OUT & RELAX…i know what im doing! this will work alot faster than the way your use to doing it! its the same thing just different method….calm down!

  17. Honest Opinion,
    I know that you are angry with the status quo. Our anger is often a manifestation of the pain we are experiencing. Why don’t we focus on the first things and then incrementally work towards addressing these larger more difficult task of dogma, culture and operational policy. I’m sure that there is a lot of justified anger due to injury incurred. However, why don’t you take Gabriel at his offer, let’s begin by building the necessary relationships of support in particular, and progressively plan and develop an open agenda to address these issues in general. You are a leader and are obviously passionate about the things of God. We need everyone’s talent and energy to create positive constructive methods and means to address this dilemma that has been with us for decades. Peace my brother. My prayers are with you.

  18. A Honest Opinion

    hmmm… willing totake Pastor Salguero at his offer but to be honest im not comfortable with revealing who i am at the moment, as my honesty in many areas has given me some bad expereriences before when i have voiced my openion with my superiors….it seems that many concilio leader seem to surround themselves with “YES” people! and are not ready for opnions of the contrary…trust me, i have tried! bieng honest dont work!
    and to be more honest….sad to say…..i dont trust people…..beleivers no a days are only out for SELF(not all but alot)! they drained every ounce of oppurtunity they can get from you and walk away with no sense of loyalty… and my wife recently came to the connclusion, WE ARE SOME LONELY PASTORS…..we have no friends….when i mean none….i mean none… one calls us, only the members……and we have tried to make friends wiht othere ministers in our hispanic pentecostal setting, once they found that we allowed Gospel Hip Hop, Holy Raggaeton in our church and we ourselves listen the music……and that outside of church, my wife wears pants, and i wear timbalands and urban style clothing outside of church……THEY WALK AWAY… lie…cold turkey! me and my wife are still trying to figure out what does wearing timbaland boot and lsitenign to Gospel Hip Hop has anything to do with us establishing a solid friendship? (we are one body with many members and all members have not the same function) so right now….I DONT TRUST PEOPLE! i think pastor salguero is one of the few minsiters, i might give a chance to trust……i been a pastor for a couple of years (im still new) this is my first pastorate….and not once has anybody called to me see how im doing! not once! not even to give me the do & donts of my first pastorate! but its cool…im used to it…..but i have decided that if i can help those misniters under me up and coming…..i will…i dont want them to go thru what i went thru! ministry shouldnt have to be a lonely and cold walk!
    so im a little nervous about calling pastor salguero and just blurting out “im the young pastor from the blog” im a little scared.
    i think this has been the honest ive been since i been since i became a pastor! (3 years) so thats why it might sound liek a little bitter and venting, i might be! but as far as opening up….lets take it slow…..but i would be willing to attend any event you guys might offer, just to mingle a little bit!
    i have prayed and prayed…and even considered leaving my setting but …i feel thats a cop out! if i leave who will at least try to offer change…God called us to be WORLD CHANGERS….so i dont sense God calling me to leave teh hispanic churches but rather sticking around and wait patiently until God places me in teh postion where i can be of some influence! im not a coward…i refuse to let these RAJATABLA PASTORS run me out of town! not when God hasnt spoken to me to leave!

  19. A Honest Opinion

    thanks for the offer though, when im ready, ill give pastor Salguero a call!
    but right now im just looking for wholesome, honest conversation and clarification on certian issues among hispanic pentecostal churches and the next generation of young pastor they are giving birth to in ministry!..thats all!

  20. Honest Opinion,
    It is quite understandable that you would feel awkward at this point. No doubt that there will be a number of special events offered by others and/or by the Latino Leadership Circle throughout the year. My encouragement to you is to attempt to seek and develop peer to peer as well as mentoring relationships with leaders whom you can progressively communicate your concerns, challenges and frustrations. Leadership can often be a lonely endeavor, it is particularly lonely when one does not have support and/or is attacked by those with whom one seeks support. Honest Opinion–you are not alone. I will soon open up a post to open up the dialogue beyond this incident which seems symptomatic, to seeking to analyze and respectfully understand its cause. Let us pray together.

  21. Gabriel Salguero

    Dear Honest Opinion:
    When you are ready to talk I welcome it… I’d love to share a meal together. David is right these conversations are necessary for the benefit of the church. And perhaps LLC could serve as a facilitator and bridge builder. I personally trust the men and women from this network and consider the friends. Moreover, they are capable to really start a national movement among many young Latinas and Latinos.Also don’t feel like I harbor any hard feelings, I think you’ve been vulnerable and transparent in ways that can produce change. Vamos para adelante pastor. My e-mail is
    E-mail if you wish and when you are ready.
    Pastor Gabriel Salguero

  22. a Honest Opinion

    well give me a little time…cause right now, im still working out my own predjudices against those WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR ME, cause right now im getting close to the breaking point where lm tempted to start preaching against such views that the bible is either silent or makes no indication that its a SIN. this is about SOLA SCRIPTURA….not all that other stuff!
    for me to call soemthing a SIN…then go and even say that GOD SAYS its a sin…when God hasnt…for me that dangerous territory…it falls in the same line as prophets who prophesy when God hasnt sent them and speak thigns that God hasnnt told them to speak…..THATS THE REAL FALSA DOCTRINA! for me while they think they have beome defenders of the faith, they are preaching false doctrine themselves…Jesus said “they teach for DOCTRINE… the tradition of men” …………now im not anti-tradition….tradition is good, we all have them….im agaisnt BAD-TRADITION! or tradition that hinders the believers from going from glory to glory and bieng transformed to the image of his Son! the only thing that stops me is Ephesians 4:2 “endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit in teh bond of peace”……..that verse is what stops me from speaking my mind with those who preach such erroneous views!
    (how can someone go and start speaking in tongues, then begin to operate in the so call gift of prophesy and all that is spoken is “Dios te dice, take off your earings, es un pecado delane de mi” or “siervo mio….shave your face, es un pecado, etc…”….then the church go into a frenzy right after……something is seriously wrong with that picture!!)
    thanks for allowing me to vent…her in teh blog……i feel you guys have my best interest at heart………..
    im going to take a chance here….. if you want to know who i am…here is my website

  23. My Brother,
    I want to commend you for being transparent and having the courage to identify yourself. I had thought that you were going to reach out to Pastor Salguero in private, however, you opted to do so in public here on the blog which says a lot about your character. You have raised many issues and concerns. While we can continue to address some of these issues on the blog under a new heading, I would like to make a few suggestions: 1) I think that it would be helpful that you meet with Pastor Salguero to have a one on one; should you and/or Pastor Salguero desire my presence I would be willing to meet with you both either initially or subsequently; 2) I will soon begin a post to move this discussion from a misunderstanding and incident between two individuals to a broader discussion regarding some of the issues raised; 3) Because the blog is a limited forum and many of us do not have the time for continuous posting and monitoring let us explore developing a forum by which we can discuss these issues in a more conducive manner. I will leave the initial contact up to you my brother with Pastor Salguero. Once again I am blessed to see a spirit of collegiality, accountability and growth among us Hispanic Pentecostal leaders.
    Grace and Peace,
    Rev. David Ramos
    Latino Leadership Circle

  24. Pastor Alexander Pagani

    thanks for calling me Pastor Salguero…i look forward to our lunch next week!
    Senior Pastor Alex pagani
    Iglesia De Dios Puerta De Refugio

  25. Plinideris Rodriguez

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I am completely impressed and at the same time empowered! Am impressed at Pastor Salguero because he is truly an example of a good human being with a sound mind and a true love for people. I could be completely wrong but I think often few ministers take opinions and critic the way he has done so in this situation. It’s only human I would think because most of the time we feel that it is an attack to our person or even our core. However, these post and comments have helped me understand that even if it is an attack to our person one must learn to welcome dialogue.
    I would like to thank pastor Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero for there hard and well received labor. I don’t think I have met two people that work as hard as they do to embrace and love humanity and especially the younger generation. Perhaps, it is because of the love they first have for God but at the core I think it is also there love for the human race. As a Latino/Pentecostal generation our focus has been a tainted emotionalism and ecstacy that has excluded our surroundings and I think that perhaps this is what pastor is trying to achieve, a balance between the two as it has been stated previously.
    I am also impressed and empowered that pastor Alex Pagani took a step most of us refuse to take and it is to walk with and in transparency. Unfortunately most of us have not been in congregations that have nurtured or welcomed transparency. Speaking from my own background transparency was rarely embraced but rather looked upon as rude and followed by the question “who do you think you are”? I definitely commend your courage and I hope to emulate and keep that great quality in my Christian walk and relationship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I am greatly encouraged because I think I have gained a sense of hope in our Hispanic/Pentecostal community after all. Perhaps, we can with transparency and love come together as one as the people of God. I remember having many discussions about this topic of transparency in our Thursday Bible class last Summer and how it should be handle and I think this is a clear example of how it should be handle.
    With hope after all,

  26. Pastor Alexander Pagani

    Thank you for you comment Plinideris Rodriguez
    i have found out in my own personal experience that walking in transparency to be liberating….there is a sense of freedom that comes when you have NOTHING to hide!
    the book of Ephesians says to “speak the Truth in love” another portion says “lie not to one another”
    Pastor Alex Pagani

  27. Pastor Alexander Pagani

    i think the first step that should be done for the process of healing to begin is to first admit there is a problem.
    this is done through transparency amongst each other!
    Pastor Alex

  28. Pastor Alexander Pagani

    but transparency is so hard to find when so many are only looking out for thier own interests.
    where do you find real transparency among hispanic pentecostals???
    Pastor Alex Pagani

  29. Evang. Ben-hur Trinidad

    i congratulate you my brother friend and minister salguero you have paved a way to show these coming up pastors ministers etc.. that psychology teaches that “change” benefits the body and your transition and metamorphisis is causing a silent but deadly revolution remember a revolution starts with 1 individual and others follow. your going to get comments as your previous statements on people who are still in the “traditional” and “religious” stancw i am honored to see you empower others not with what you say but in your acts your a revolutionist and guess what im 3 steps behind you thank you for your leadership and taking the time to truly participate in what we understand believe and react in what is the true kindom connection. love you dearly im in your corner this is only the 7th round keep up the jab and move your feet we got him beat..

  30. God bless you Pastor Salguero for being a Pioneer of our generation of young hispanic leaders. Continue to break the mold for hispanic Pastors and may the Holy Ghost continue to give testimony of how God is in control of the Salguero family and The Lamb’s church. 50 years from now I will have the privledge to speak to the next generation of young people of the forefathers of Hispanic Reformers like Dr.Rev. Gabriel Salguero and his courage and desire to be different. May the praise of your heart continue to provoke God to move in powerful and mighty ways!
    Jhn 14:12 “The truth is, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.
    Jhn 14:13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, because the work of the Son brings glory to the Father.
    Jhn 14:14 Yes, ask anything in my name, and I will do it!
    Pastor Salguero….We will continue to see you and your ministry to do “Greater Works” in Jesus name… Praise the name of The Lord forever and ever….AMEN.
    Your brother in Christ and fellow hispanic leader and reformer,
    Frederick Fret
    VP of JRod Ministries

  31. May the Lord continue to bless each and every one of you, especially Pastor Salguero, of whom I have heard a lot but never have had the chance to meet or hear preach.
    I happened to come across this discussion and would like to add my “two cents.” I was raised in an Hispanic Pentecostal church in Connecticut and can relate to what many are saying. However, I do believe that the errors in overemphasizing the dress code for believers have taken us to a certain mentality where subconsciously we still continue to judge people based on their appearance. It’s just that now many are on the other end of the spectrum. In many years past, those that wore certain jewelry or certain hairstyles or clothes were considered to be mundane and heathenistic. I believe the Hispanic church is slowly growing out of that prejudicial and dangerous viewpoint. However, I am now seeing a generation that judges those who maintain certain standards as legalists, fanatics, and immature pharisees. So now just as those who “did not do” judged those who “did”, those who now “do” judge those who still “do not do.” Romans 14 takes care of this issue. We must learn to mature beyond the erroneous limits of our upbringing, while maintaining the zeal for God’s presence and holiness which not only defined our ancestors, but led them to cause a great impact on the people of decades past.
    I am a young Hispanic minister and though I do believe that the Hispanic church needs reformation in certain lithurgical and administrative areas, as well as theological and spiritual, we need to continue to build upon the foundation that was set before us, and that is Jesus Christ. Everything else will take care of itself.
    May God help this Joshua generation to embrace its position and calling. We are not to remain before Mount Sinai seeing signs and wonders while we remain “surviving in the wilderness on mannah and birds.” We need to see His glory as we take possession of the promised land and enter into offensive fight mode. May the Lord bless you all.
    Joel Aviles

  32. Pa’lante Bro. keep it real! You encourage the famliy of faith.Visita Israel un dial!Shalom…

  33. yo sinceramente estoy sorprendida con el cambio que a tenido mi hermano gabriel sargero. querido hermano no permita que los humos se la vallan a la cabeza. SIN SANTIDAD NADIE VERA AL SENOR. Y ES LAMENTABLE ESOS CAMBIOS LIBERALES QUE HAN OCCURIDO EN SU VIDA. RECUERDESE QUE ALGUN DIA USTED LE DARA CUENTA A DIOS Y QUIERA DIOS QUE SEAN BUENAS CUENTAS.

  34. Blessings:
    I came across this site a couple of weeks ago and was truly impress with the dialogue that had occur back in 2007. I was truly surprise as many , that Pastor Salguero had made such a transition.I’m a Hispanic pastor with a strong emphasis on Pentecostalism, however , Pentecostalism does not define who I am, but does align me with the experience of a powerful move of God. We are very proud of our Heritage and certain matters of convections will never be negotiable, but we can move across certian barriers and join together for our comum cause, to reach the lost and declare the greatness of His Kingdom. I join in celebration with Pastor Salguero, his family and friends. May our main goal be one of a Kingdom minded Gospel.
    Because of Him.

  35. Roberto Llerena

    Pastor Salguero
    Un saludo de su hermano en Cristo. Tuve la oportunidad de participar en el 5to. Congreso de En cuentro de Embajadores y de escuchar su exposiciòn Bajo el tema ” Apocalipsis el El lente de la Iglesia del Futuro”.
    Amado hermano le animo, quien le escribe es un jòven de 3 años más que Ud. de profesión contador con un llamado de Maestro y profeta.
    Hay divorcio entre el Espiritu de Dios y la preparación para el Ministerio.
    Es un ejemplo
    God Bless you

  36. Elisa Castillo

    God bless you Pastor Salguero: I am so proud of you and what you have become. My mother Lydia Rivera and your parents Raquel and Hector were prayer partners when you were just a child. Today I am so proud to see that you have become a fine example of what God has entrusted in the hands of parents. I wish you continual success in all you do and may the Lord continue to do wonderful things in your life and continue blesing others through your ministry. I am honored to say that I had the privilege to see you grow up and be part of your great transformation. Keep with the faith and continue to stay humble. Be blesssed, Elisa Rivera de Castillo (Perth Amboy, NJ)

  37. Rev. Eliseo Rivera

    Revival is on it way, Gentlemen. God bless

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