Evangelicals and Empire

The Latino Leadership Circle salutes Dr. Peter Heltzel for co-authoring his new work entitled, Evangelicals and Empire: Christian Alternatives to the Political Status Quo.  Yesterday I had the privilege of attending an academic dialogue about the book held at the New York Theological Seminary (NYTS). Students from both NYTS and Union Theological Seminary (UTS) presented summaries, critical analysis and commentary from various chapters of the text.  There were many present including Dr. Dale Irwin president of NYTS, former President of UTS Dr. Don Shriver and his wife Dr. Peggy Shriver, Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera, President of the Latino Pastoral Action Center, Christian satirist Becky Garrison, and many others.  We are looking forward to the ongoing discussion Heltzel and Benson's book will have with regard to the issue of Empire and the role Evangelicals play in affirming and/or dissenting from the status quo.  

Bendiciones Peter!

Grace and Peace,

David Ramos
Founder and Facilitator
Latino Leadership Circle

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