DEVO Back in Brooklyn


by Luis Alvarez

On Thursday, July 28, LLC’s very own David Ramos (Devo) was at Park Slope Christian Tabernacle’s July Core Meeting. David brought an excellent conference on "The Leader’s Sacrifice." The conference delt with the ocupational hazards of church leadership, some of the causes and preventive measures. Dave spoke about the following pitfalls:

1. Loneliness – Often leaders are friendless, they know a lot of people but have few profound friendships. They do not know how to express their own needs let alone request that they be filled.

2. Weariness – They constantly serve others often at great expense to their health, emotional well being or even spiritual well being. They over-extend their schedules which opens them up to becoming weary and a target for the enemy.

3. Emptiness –They give of themselves and do not replenish hence creating a painful void or vacuum. They become depleted in their soul because their own needs are not being met.

David also spoke of the hidden cost associated to church leadership such as

  • Loss of Time
  • Loss of Opportunity
  • Loss of Privacy
  • Role Overload
  • Enmeshment

  The preventative measures were equally as practical:

  • Plan, use, and protect your personal time!
  • Learn how to say, “No.”
  • Not every need is a calling.
  • Create healthy boundaries between you and the people you serve.
  • Have people you are accountable to, communicate often and profoundly with trusted friends.
  • Learn and utilize the medicinal benefits of rest.
  • Create a self-development plan and utilize it to replenish and develop yourself.

Obviously Dave was a blessing to us at Park Slope. Thank you for your words of wisdom Devo. Hope to have you back soon!



  1. Dude,
    You got me by surprize! Thanks man, I had a wonderful time with your crew. It felt good being in Brooklyn and being at “La Quinta.” I got a lot of flashbacks from our younger years. May God continue to grant us wonderful moments that gracefully age to be fond memories.
    Your Bro.

  2. luis thanks for breaking this down…
    devo, talking to you yesterday at ABS, you practiced the part where luis wrote:
    “Have people you are accountable to, communicate often and profoundly with trusted friends”
    I appreciated your realness.

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