Cyber Friends

          Just a quick shout out to my cyber friends.  I want to thank Liz Rios for your blessed friendship, you’ve come a long way baby!  Congratulations on all your new initiatives.  Thanks for representin’ la Raza at Emergent.  Rudy Carrasco, thanks for your visionary leadership, for being there before anyone else and encouraging others to follow.  Jose Humphreys, thanks for your gentle encouragement, you somehow made this all so easy and obvious.  Things look exciting my brother, we iz walkin’ by faith.



  1. David mi amigo, my brotha…you know you my homie! I think we have been many things to each other in different seasons of our lives…whether spoken or not…let us continue to spur each other on. Let’s be a generation that stands alongside each other not over one another. Much love 2 ya…Liz

  2. Yo dave,
    this “be” just the beginning…

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