Christmas time with the cohort


Our cohort got together yesterday for a potluck Christmas  celebration at the American Bible Society.  From left to right we have Maritza Oritz, David Ramos, Sandra Otero, Belinda Passafaro, Luis Alvarez, Orlando Crespo, Jose and Mayra Humphreys. Good times, great laughs.

La musica de Hector Lavoe and
Willie Colon with asaltos navidadeños, the pasteles, the arroz con
gandules, the ensalada de papa, took me back man. I sincerely had a
great time yesterday with my Latina/o progressive hermanos. I took a piece flan to indulge in the wee hours of the night but
God had other plans with the flan. As I was on my way on the D train to
my casa an old Afro Puerto Riqueño compadre got on the train and begged
for comida. I had to give him my flan and wished him a feliz pascua. His
smile brightened the entire wagon. Thanks guys for such an opportunity
to fellowship and reconnect with my raza. My afro puerto rican brother
most likely enjoyed his flan as if it were a great feast. What might be insignificant for some could be a
diamond from heaven for another.

In Abba’s Arms
Amiga y hermana


  1. I had a great time of fellowship.
    Belinda is totally bocking my shot (LOL)!
    Love you guys,
    Feliz Navidad!

  2. Familia,
    I really, really enjoyed myself. It was wonderful just to kick back and have some food, fun and fellowship. Maritza, thank you for being the catalyst to wake us up and get this done; we needed it! May the Lord Bless you all richly! Merry Christmas!

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