Brian D. McLaren Meets with the Latino Leadership Circle

By David Ramos

May 2006

How do I begin to share the blessing that Brian and Grace imparted to us?   To begin with, Brian comes back from a whirlwind tour of Europe and heads to Trinity Wall Street where he works in the evening.  He and Grace arrive early the next morning and spend the whole day with us!  We have been touched by Brian and Grace’s kindness, humility, and humanity.  Brian moved gracefully through four scheduled events, which included meetings with American Bible Society staff, Latino Leadership Circle staff, a special luncheon with New York City area leaders, and a public event.  Among many things Brian shared about his personal journey, described the history of the emergent dialogue, challenged us through narratives of faith in action, framed new questions for us, shared resources, and above all—authentically listened to us!  While listening seems simple,
it is nevertheless an act that lamentably, and often tragically, is not practiced enough within our communities, and as one person said, “Listening is an act of love.”

Approximately sixty persons attended our event; there was a wonderful cross-section of leaders that included CEOs from the academy and from faith-based organizations, elders, missionaries, musicians, pastors, professors, seminarians, youth workers, and other market places leaders.  There Llcmclaren_0000_051_0001
was also a wonderful ethnic diversity represented that included Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites as well as a great intergenerational representation.

Our panelists included the distinguished presence of the Rev. Luis Alvarez Pastor of Park Slope Christian Tabernacle, Jose Humphreys, Regional coordinator for Nueva Esperanza, Myra Humphreys, Assistant Professor at Nyack College, Belinda Passafaro a Market place consultant, and Rev. Gabriel Salguero Assistant Professor at Alliance Theological Seminary who are all members of the Latino Leadership Circle.Llcmclaren_0000_006_0001
We would like to thank all who participated, friendships were started and I can see the opening of great new possibilities for collaborative initiatives.   We would like to thank Dr. Paul Irwin, Bob Briggs, Chris Thyberg, Karmen Wynick, Lois Jefferson, Cecilia Minano, and Kim Aycox of the American Bible Society for sponsoring, supporting, and hosting our event.  Our gratitude also goes out to our other sponsors: Nyack College, The Lamb’s Theater, and Park Slope Christian Tabernacle.

A special thanks to our mothers in the faith, the Rev. Rosa Caraballo, the Rev. Sandra Serrano, and the Rev. Olga Simpson who continuously support us through their prayers, their presence, and by always thinking, speaking, and believing the best of us.  And last but certainly not least to the Rev. RUDY CARRASCO our fan, supporter, brother, and encourager from the West Coast who put us together with Brian and his staff to make this happen.  “DUDE, U B da man!!!”  Brian and Grace, once again, from the bottom of our hearts, LLC thanks you.

Please stay tuned for other LLC upcoming events.


  1. Dave,
    kudos to you for mobilizing this thing. You followed the trail of divinely connected dots placed before our feet. You did it with grace brother-man.
    The event far exceeded our expectations, and once again every one played beautiful jazz together. Brian and grace were so gracious to us. We need to continually remember them in our prayers for strength through their travels. Blessed are the peacemakers…
    Palante siempre.

  2. Wish I was there.

  3. Thank you Jose, we did it, we did it together. To follow your metaphor it would never had happened had it not been for all those who assisted–who strategically placed water throughout our migration in the desert.

  4. I wish I was there too seeing how the conversation happens in the context LLC is engaged in and how similar or different the “contextualization” even within USA occurs. 🙂

  5. Great day with Brian McLaren! I was privileged to be there. Thanks for doing that legwork and for being engaged in the conversation.

  6. Sivin,
    While we may not have Brian back for some time because of his busy schedule, we nevertheless are continuing to have conversations in NYC and are exploring ways to broaden that conversation. We will be posting our upcoming events and activities. Perhaps you can make it to those if you are close enough.

  7. Jared,
    It was a blessing to meet you and Hugo my brother! Let us stay in touch I want to learn more about what you guys are doing in the Bronx and to continue the conversation that we started about the Spanish speaking EC. Thanks for coming out to meet and support us.

  8. Gabriel Salguero

    First,let me say that I was blessed by the LLC meeting with Brian and Grace McLaren. Second, I was thankful for the teamwork of all the LLC folks (Mayra, Balinda, Sandra, Jose, Omar, Johnny, Luis, etc) “somos familia.” A special word to our fearless leader: “David, thank you for your leadership on this front. I applaud your efforts.”
    Gabriel Salguero

  9. David, thanks to you and all the LLC for heading up the Brian Mclaren meeting. I totally enjoy the meeting and the fellowship. Keep up the great work you are doing.

  10. Rev. Sandra Serrano

    Dear LLC,
    I believe that all of you have been called for “such a time as this”! Continue to be the voice for your generation and the one to follow. Know that you have an intercessor praying for the Lord’s guidance, strength and wisdom as you move forward in the public square.
    Bendiciones, su Madrina en la fe, Rev. Sandra Serrano

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