Brian McLaren visits the home of the Bronx Bombers

On May 2nd–3rd Brian McLaren completed the penultimate leg of his Everything Must Change Tour.  Hosted by the Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC) and the Latino Leadership Circle (LLC) the event occurred at LPAC’s Urban Ministry Complex in the Bronx.  The event was filled with thoughtful and provocative presentations by Brian, moments of liturgical art, music, prayer and meditation.  There was people who were responders to Brian’s presentations as well as a panel which included Lisa Harper of New York Faith & Justice, Rev. Jose Humphreys Pastor of Metro Church in Harlem and a member of LLC, Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera Founder and President of LPAC, Rev. Gabriel Salguero Pastor of the Lambs Church and a member of LLC and Alexie Torres-Fleming, Founder and Executive Director of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice. Mclarenrayrivera

It was a wonderful event filled with fellowship and opportunities to meet new friends.  Tracy Howe blessed us with her beautiful prophetic music from her album, Songs for a Revolution of Hope, Vol. 1. (for more information go to 

On behalf of all of us from LLC we want to thank Brian McLaren and Linnea Capshaw for embodying such a Kingdom ethic.  Brian thank you for demonstrating and sharing your wisdom, inclusiveness, and love not only in word but in deeds.  I want to thank Rev. Ray Rivera, Susan Rivera, Rose Mercardo and all the volunteers from LPAC for their commitment to make this happen; thank you for investing from your time, talent and treasure. Mclarenlizandjose_2 A very special thanks to Liz Rios for your professionalism, commitment and
indomitable spirit; girl you make this look easy.  We would like to thank all of the sponsors of the event; a special shout out to Isabel Long, Lyndsay Moseley and David Veliz of the Sierra Club who we met this weekend. Much love to Belinda Passafaro a.k.a. Trinity and Luis Alvarez a.k.a. Seraph and all the LLC gang–it’s such a joy to work with you all!

Grace and Peace,

David Ramos

Pics courtesy of of Jeremy del Rio

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  1. Jennfier Carico

    Hello everyone
    Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time at this event. This was the first time I EVER ventured to the Bronx from my lil apt in Manhattan but the entire adventure was transformative.
    Brian was such a humble man and although I don’t necessarily agree with everything he has written, his voice is important in the discussion. Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera is another voice I never heard of but found myself profounding interested in what he had to say. Two people who made a huge impact on me: Rev. Gabriel Salguero and how he challenged the audience when he was on the panel. Wow. A prophetic voice for all of us and I am sure your community is pleased he is one of you. I also want to say Liz Rios did a great job not only as coordinator but as human. Not only was she beautiful on the outside she was beautiful on the inside. I got there pissed on Saturday AM due to a car situation and she sat with me while I called cops, prayed with me to calm me down and her hug was like heaven itself (she smelled wonderful too!). Most conference coordinators are stuck up, make no time for people but she was talking with everyone and of course, what she did for me was so important at the time. Everyone in your organization should feel proud for how you represented the kingdom. Please keep doing events. You impact the entire kingdom.

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