In the following video Brian McLaren shares his thoughts on the current religious crisis and why some might choose to call themselves Atheists. It’s great food for thought and discussion.

What are your thoughts on this?



  1. We’re all atheists with respect to the tens of thousands of gods that have been invented, worshiped and forgotten down through the chasm of history.
    Some of us just go one god further. Maybe you can too…

  2. Samuel Skinner

    I think this is a good example of why atheists don’t like faith:

  3. Daron,
    thanks for your comment. What keeps me monotheistic is the deep sense that all which is “good” and “just” ultimately points to something/someone greater than us, the need for an existential constant. How else would you define Go/od?

  4. Samuel Skinner

    Than why are you a Christian Luis? If I remember correctly God doesn’t intervene on Earth and to get into heaven you simply have to be a believer. Not exactly justice.

  5. Samuel,
    that’s where we differ. Within my theological framework, God does intervene in human history. There is an actual personal and communal relationship. My Christian theology calls me to get involved in the affairs of the earth so to bring the “Kingdom of God.” This “Kingdom” is a reign of love, peace, and justice in the world. Sure I believe in an afterlife, but we’ve been called to be a light in this world.
    Actually, a good presentation of this is “The Secret Message of Jesus” By Brian McLaren.
    Samuel I don’t know how far you are from NYC, but I’d like to invite you to the event that we’re hosting this coming May, The EMC Tour 2008. It won’t be your typical theist banter, it will deal with real global issues. Check out the column on the top right of the blog.

  6. Deep video…

  7. Thanks Luis! Respectfully and eloquently said.

  8. Afoll Ower

    A very intersting talk–at Google, no less–given by Tim Keller:

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