Latino Leadership Circle: A True Community of People that Celebrate their Humanity

By Rev. Maritza Ortiz

Guys (gender inclusive),

What transpired last night in our gathering was the true meaning and experience of community celebrating humanity in culture and faith. True liberation only happens when we are intentional in articulating (verbal/non-verbal) layers of pain, guilt, shame, confusion, doubt, anger, sadness, defeat, and burdens that keeps us in dark dry deserts.  Having a space that is safe to engage in this process is God’s gift to the Latino Leadership Circle. As I was reflecting early this morning on the exchange of dreams, ideas, illusions, and disillusions that relates to our narratives I received an epiphany. The term manipulation is a term that I always refer and use in negative contents. The term could also be used in a positive content. Last night we manipulated God’s presence to show up in a dear and special way. God is indeed manipulated in our deepest place of darkness when we intentionally articulate a sincere desire to embark on the journey that liberates our humanity to experience a deeper meaning of self actualization in community with others. It is only in our brokenness, defeated sense of truth (ideologies), and a contrite heart that we are able to manipulate God’s abundant compassion to be manifested through what we call today mercy and grace. The truth and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be experienced in communities that are authentic, genuine, and expressive of His truth.  True worship and what we call "having church" for me is what transpired last night at ABS and the dinner. A place where we could exchange our faith, ideas, dreams, pain, laughter, and celebrate our humanity in the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a place where I call home.

Tu hermana y amiga,


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