9th Annual New Jersey Conference on Dominican Affairs

Sunday, February 8, 2009
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
NEWARK , NJ  07102

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Premiere of the documentary, Los Panfleteros de Santiago


  • Politics/USA:   Arturo Vargas, President National Association of Latino elected Officials (NALEO).  Participants, including Dominican elected officials, state/government representatives and community leaders will have the opportunity to share best practices, strategies on coalition building and develop concrete actions to spur greater political participation.
  • Politics/DR: The Need for an Opposition:  Dr. Guillermo Moreno, President of the Movement for Independence , Unity and Change (MIUCA) proposes a national dialogue on the need for diversification of parties in the Dominican Republic 's political system.
  • Youth Leadership:  Dr. Luis Barrios will present strategies on how to be an agent of change as a young leader and the importance of civic participation.
  • Woman to Woman:  Dr. Ana Rivera Lassen.  In this interactive workshop participants will share strategies for professional success in the ever evolving socio-economic environment.
  • Economic Development:  Experts from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce will discuss how to form special improvement districts, and their benefits to small businesses as conduits of change.
  • Writers’ Workshops:  A select group of renowned Dominican leaders and authors will discuss the utility and importance of the written word and publications as catalysts for social change.  Panelists include: Dr. Luis Rafael Gómez Pérez, Dr. Leandro Guzmán, Honorable Marcelo Bermúdez, Ex-Governor of Santiago , and Dr. Ramón Antonio Veras (Negro Veras.)
  • Health:   and a select group of health professionals will discuss barriers to health access and health disparities and tools of improvement.  This workshop will spearhead a campaign for possible bone marrow donors.


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  1. Looks like one loaded event.

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